How it works

What does the Boule solution provide?

Boulé solution is an ecosystem designed to create the first decentralised society by providing you with a suite of services including:
1. creation of your own Blockchain Identity, verifying yourself on the Blockchain for “know your customer” (KYC) purposes.
2. a personal ERC-20 Wallet to store, buy, sell and trade your ERC-20 tokens
3. voting online for elections and surveys
4. create your own elections or polling activity
5. easily participate in other ICOs (requesting KYC), and link them to your digital ID

The Boulé solution is based on the Ethereum Blockchain: every transaction you do is recorded on the Ethereum Public Ledger.

You have to create your profile on Boulé website with email and passport.
Once you receive your confirmation email, you can add you passport picture to your profile to obtain your Blockchain Digital ID.

We perform a KYC process on your document.
We do not store your passport image on our servers.
Data are always transferred encrypted using the most secure protocols.